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About German Tunic:

Q: This Field Blouse is "short!"

A: The WWII German uniform rebuilt from M33 field blouse. But, instead of merely shortening the M33 field blouse by 6 inches, the designer reworked the entire garment to create the false impression of greater height.

The resulting uniform was an optical illusion which made every soldier wearing it appears several inches taller than he actually was. And the shortening the field blouse was to make it more suitable for wear in a motorized environment by raising the skirt high enough so that the back hem would not touch a vehicle seat and become soiled.



See above photos, you can find the German look like a very tall man. But actually, the tunic is short. So, just make us feel they're very tall.

The first step in the process was to raise the sleeve cuff end up from the root knuckle of the thumb to the wrist bone (a full three inches), exposing the entire hand. Then the hem of the skirt front was raised up to the same height from down at the first finger joint (about 6.5 inches). The third step was to raise the back of the skirt another two inches, so only the top half of the butt was covered. Lastly, the belt position was raised the width of the belt, so that the bottom edge of the belt aligned right about bend of the elbow.

After all, the back is 1.5” or 2” higher than the front.


See photo. You can find the back is higher than the front.

So, after you received our tunic, and feel the tunic really short. That's the correct cut like the original during the war.

Photo and description copied from Lost Battalion.